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Tanner Boston Wurzel
11/12 Dixie Tryout ...


The video was too large to email, so I added a page to my husband's website. 


We apologize that Tanner couldn't make the tryout.  We hope this video helps you assess Tanner's skills.  We moved Tanner to 2nd to field grounders due to the sun's position relative to the field.  Not ideal; it's like a lefty playing 2nd when throwing to 1st.  Also, we didn't have anyone to catch but my 85-year old dad, which was interesting for us all.  ;)  


POSITION:  Catcher, Pitcher, 1st Base

Tanner can play all positions but is strongest as a catcher, pitcher, and 1st base.  

STRENGTH:  Batting

We included a couple clips of Tanner hitting in both the 50 mph and the 70 mph baseball cages.  He batted 4th all last season and had the most RBIs (by a large percentage); his teammates called him "The RBI King", which isn't bad on a team that went undefeated (10-0). 


He's also a really nice person!  Thanks for watching.  Hope you have a great season!

Allie and Eric Wurzel

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